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  • "EGC Literature and radioELO." Electronic Literature: Contexts, Forms, and Practices (Morgantown: West Virginia University Press, 2016). (Peer reviewed)
  • "Digital Radio and Social Knowledge Creation in the Humanities." New Technologies in Medieval and Renaissance Studies. (Peer reviewed)
  • "Re-Created Radio Dramas as Innovative Knowledge Environments." Scholarly and Research Communication. (Peer reviewed)
  • "Sound Curation by Re-creation: The War of the Worlds radio (re)broadcast, Martians with Mustaches." Leonardo Electronic Almanac. (Peer reviewed)
  • "Radio Art: A (mass) Medium Becomes an (artistic) Medium." Appareil. (Peer reviewed)
  • "Sound and Electronic Literature: Locating the Text in the Act of Listening." ELO 2013 Proceedings. (Peer reviewed)

Publications > submitted

  • "Remembering the Dead." Paradoxa Vol. 30: Small Screen Fictions, December 2017. (Peer reviewed)
  • "Radio Nouspace: Radio, sound, and Digital Humanities" Digital Studies. (Peer reviewed)

Presentations > completed

  • "Sound Art As Electronic Literary Artifacts: Objects of Shifting Imaginations, Self Construction, Spaces of Memory." Electronic Literature Organization, Victoria, Canada, 10-12 June 2016. (With Alcina Cortez). (Peer reviewed)
  • "Sound: A Literary Memory Media Art Experience." Archival Uncertainties: International Conference on Literary Archives. The British Library, London, England. 4 April 2016. (With Dene Grigar and Kate Pullinger). (Peer reviewed)
  • "Curation by Re-Creation: Innovative, New Knowledge Model for Classic Radio Drama." INKE (Implementing New Knowledge Environments), Whistler, Canada, 19 January 2016. (Peer reviewed)

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Presentations > submitted

  • "Broadcasting from the Barricades and Beachheads: BBC Listeners and Producers Learn the Power of Radio." BBC Radio and World News Service Conference. King's College, London, 2-4 February 2016
  • "Sound and Experimental Literature: "Under Language" and "Narrative Archaeology." International Conference on Digital Media and Textuality. 3-5 November 2016, Universität Bremen, Germany. (Peer reviewed)