John F. Barber, PhD

Condensing substance from pixels of nuance

John Barber

John F. Barber is a scholar-teacher-artist.

His scholarship is guided by action / practice-based research and transformative practice. Examples include the intersection, overlay, and interplay of computers and writing, a bibliographical and biographical information structure concerning the life and works of American author Richard Brautigan, and the use of sound(s) as the basis of storytelling. His scholarship is international, peer reviewed / juried / curator selected.

His teaching encourages students to learn a body of knowledge through reading and discussion, think critically about how to best use this knowledge to solve real-world, needs-driven problems, build a solution designed to best address that problem, reflect on the outcome(s), and rapidly iterate an improved outcome. This combination of action research+creative practices can reveal tacit knowledge that theoretical studies alone cannot.

His creative practices focus on sound(s)—radio, sound art, and storytelling. All follow the idea that sound engages with listeners’ imaginations to shape images and stories of their own making. Sound promotes immersion, engagement, and expression of personal experience. Barber's works include literary media art, international radio art broadcasts, sound art installations, gallery exhibitions, performances, and more. Peer reviewed / juried / curator selected.

Research Projects

Richard Brautigan Bibliography and Archive

American Dust

Bibliographic archive. Ongoing.
GIHUGANTIC information resource for Richard Brautigan's life and writings. LEARN more.

The Brautigan Library

The Brautigan Library

Curated manuscripts. Ongoing.
Lyrical, haunted. 300+ manuscripts ignored by commercial publishing. LEARN more.

Radio Nouspace

Radio Nouspace

Virtual listening gallery. Ongoing.
Curated radio programs, radio and sound art, and sound-based narratives. LEARN more.

Re-Imagined Radio

Re-Imagined Radio

Radio art.

Exploring radio drama past, present, and future. LEARN more.

Recent Creative Works

Southside Soundwalk

Southside Soundwalk

Broadcast. 22-29 Jan. 2023.
Framework Radio. Soundwalk along the South Bank of the River Thames, London, England. LEARN more.

Dawn Birds, Light Traffic, Melodic Machines

Dawn Birds, Light Traffic, Melodic Machines

Broadcast. 8 July 2022
Framework Radio. Soundscape collage narrative using field recordings from different locations and times. LEARN more

Lights Out Listening Group

Lights Out Listening

Radio art. 23 Feb. 2022.
Several submissions for streamed, bi-monthly listening sessions. LEARN more.

Recent Scholarship

Electronic Literature Organization

Book Chapter Published

Publication. Peer reviewed. 2022.
"Future Radio and Social Knowledge Creation in the Humanities." Social Knowledge Creation in the Humanities: Volume 2. LEARN more.

The Interstate Bridge

Book Chapter Published

Publication. Peer reviewed. 2021.
“Electronic Literature and Sound.” Electronic Literature as Digital Humanities. Radio may provide models for new forms of eLit based on listening, LEARN more.

Say Their Names logo

Essay Published in Resonance

Publication. Peer reviewed. 2021.
"Remembering the Dead and Say Their Names" published in media activism issue of Resonance: The Journal of Sound and Culture. LEARN more.