Creative Ideas

Communication is often blocked by dead ends in creative thinking. I created Dr. John's Eazy-Peazy Resource: Creative Ideas to help spark imaginative ideas and overcome writing road blocks. This resource is my most successful. It was included in 101 Best Websites for Secondary Teachers (James Lerman. New York: International Society for Technology in Education, 2005), was featured in The Help Desk (1(6) June 21, 2002), an online newsletter supporting Kentucky education, and was selected by Encyclopedia Britannica as one of its "100 Best Websites for Teachers." Although the page is no longer available, The United Kingdom's Good Web Guide called Dr. John "perhaps the internet's most helpful lecturer." Learn more.

Copyright and more

Copyright, Fair Use, Public Domain, and Creative Commons can be complicated and confusing. I created Dr. John's Eazy-Peazy Resource: Copyright and Creative Commons to outline resources associated with understanding these approaches to protecting and using intellectual property. Learn more.

Effective Writing

Effective writing is precise. The meaning and intent are clear. The main idea is well-developed. It shows readers how you think and what you understand. I created Dr. John's Eazy-Peazy Resource: Effective Writing to provide insight into effective writing. Learn more.

Information Design

Information Design focuses both theory and practice on the systematic collection, processing (including arrangement), and dissemination of data (disparate bits of related information) using various communication media, messages, and design principles to increase the understanding of those using the particular data set. I created Dr. John's Eazy-Peazy Resource: Information Design to provide insight into how to prepare and present information so people can use it efficiently and effectively. Learn more.

Public Speaking

Speaking publically, in front of other people, is a skill that you will often be called to utilize. But, many people cite public speaking as their top fear, way above getting struck by lightening or bitten by a snake. I created Dr. John's Eazy-Peazy Resource: Public Speaking to help help those afraid of public speaking improve their oral communication skills. Learn more.

Research Skills

RE-search means to look at something in a new way, from a different perspective, shaped by your wisdom and insights. I created Dr. John's Eazy-Peazy Resource: Research Skills to outline research skills. Learn more.

Dr. John

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