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My creative practice utilizes action / practice-based research and scholarship to focus on sound as the basis for narrative and storytelling, and exploring best practices for exhibiting and curating sound.


My orientation, as a scholar-teacher-artist engaged in action / practice-based research, is detailed in the scholarship section of this portfolio. As a quick review, I engage in the production of media art and digital works as both scholarship and creative expression inspired by that research. Much of this work is focused on sound as the basis for narrative and storytelling. Outcomes include traditional scholarship, peer-reviewed international radio art broadcasts, and juried gallery installations and exhibitions of sound art. Descriptions and listening opportunities are provided below.


A Change Is Gonna Come

A Change Is Gonna Come Sound art. (2017)
Civil rights are under attack from the highest levels of our government. Social justice is routinely denied many people. Sam Cooke's song, A Change Is Gonna Come, and its many reinterpretations, is an anthem for millions of people yearning for the freedom to exercise their civil rights in a just society. Change is gonna come. Listen, and work to hasten its arrival.
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In Memoriam

In Memoriam Sound art. (2017)
Obituaries for a flying squirrel, a salmon, a jellyfish, and a bird. All found along the Pacific Northwest coast, embedded in sand or pebbles. Explores the idea that all beings deserve to be memorialized. Photographs by Dale Strouse. Voice recordings by Troy Scott. Concept and production by John Barber.
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Remembering the Dead

Remembering the Dead screenshot Multimedia art. (2017)
A multimedia memorial to victims of gun homicide in America. The work displays victims' names and speaks their names. Permanence of the victims' memories is sought through hearing and reflection. An iteration memorializes those killed during the Troubles, a violent political conflict focused on the constitutional status of Northern Ireland, late 1960s-early 2000s.
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Re-Imagined Radio

Re-Imagined Radio Radio art. (2013-present)
Rethinks American radio programs (1930s-1950s), and contemporary radio works, as live multimedia radio / transmission art performances. This re-imagining encourages audiences to see, listen, and sometimes participate in sound-based radio narratives as they are created. The result: old medium, new opportunities. Radio like you have never seen, or heard, before.
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Radio Nouspace

Radio Nouspace Sound + radio art. (1997-present)
A practice-based research and creative project focused on radio as an art form. The online, on demand, programming is experimental, creative, radio art. The goal is an audio laboratory and listening space that links sound, listening, and creative endeavors through curation, inquiry, and making.
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11'22 Sound art. 11'22" (juried exhibition, 2017)
A sound landscape / poem / art work created for FILE 2017 using audio samples from electronic literature, language, and literacy conferences. 11'22" traverses these genres of electronic sonority, suggesting comprehension through the act of listening. The work's title comes from its length, eleven minutes and twenty two seconds.
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A Mighty Span

Interstate Bridge Sound installation. 17'00" (invited, 2017)
Imagines a live radio broadcast of the opening ceremonies for the Interstate Bridge, the first to connect Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington, across the Columbia River, 14 February 1917. Invited by the PDX Bridge Festival to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Interstate Bridge.
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Dream Cycle

Dreams in Art project Sound art. 5'00" (juried exhibition, 2017)
Imagines dreams during the five stages of sleep and REM (Rapid Eye Movement). Research suggests we dream throughout the sleep cycle, but especially during REM. The stages of sleep and REM can be identified with different brain waves, but the challenge of this project is to represent their interconnected nature with sounds.
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A Train Is Arriving / Departing

Sonic Miniatures Sound art. 1'00" (invited, 2016)
A micro-narrative about passenger trains arriving and departing terminals in the Denver International Airport. Selected by international sound artist Pedro Bericat (Zaragoza, Spain), for inclusion in his ongoing 1 Minute Autohypnosis project. Each iteration released as a limited edition CD and distributed as mail art.
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Angles, Time, Perspectives

Tomorrow, today will be yesterday poster Sound art. 5'00" (juried exhibition, 2016)
A multilayered sound art narrative about the angles of tomorrow, today, and yesterday. Their collision provides interesting perspectives. Part of an international collection of sound, video, and photographic art entitled Tomorrow, today will be yesterday compiled and curated by Rui Almeida.
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Graduation Stories

graduation image Sound art. 11'16" (2016)
Oral history project produced during 2016 Washington State University Vancouver graduation ceremony, 7 May 2016, Vancouver, Washington. Several individuals tell their most memorable graduation stories while the processional music accompanies everyone's entrance to the auditorium for the ceremonies. Listen to Graduation Stories.


radioELO Radio art. (peer reviewed, 2013-present)
Both radio and electronic/generated/computational (EGC) literature tell stories, present events, and contextualize the world in narrative form. This project collects and reimagines aural artifacts of EGC literature as radio art. The desired outcome is compelling sound-based narratives indicative of a new genre of EGC literature.
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Sound Diary

Sound Diary Sound art. (2016)
How to curate recorded sounds so to provide interactive listening-based experiences is an interesting research and creative question. This work, a virtual museum and listening gallery for sounds, without place or specific organization, is a prototype answer. Listeners combine curated sounds to create sound-based narratives. Meaning is made through this interaction, and by listening.
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Techne_Lab Interview

techne_lab Interview. (invited, 2016)
Interview with Internet artist and writer Mark Amerika for this limited run academic journal realized as a finite podcast. Each episode features artist-educators affiliated with the Intermedia Art, Writing and Performance (IWAP) program at the University of Colorado at Boulder and provides an archive of philosophical source material for future forms of postproduction art.
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Tell Me A Story

Shadow Trash event poster Radio art. 33'00" (invited broadcast, 2016; juried broadcast, 2012)
A remixed narrative of the moment created from sound samples, found and/or environmental sound artifacts, field recordings, soundscapes, and acousmatic sound productions.
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Soundscapes, soundwalks, soundmaps, transects Sound art. (2016)
Investigates transects as mixes or collages of sound to be found along a path through a particular area. Combines features of soundscapes, soundwalks, and sound maps to experience a place or space through listening. The desired end result is to promote immersive narrative collages of sounds that represent that place or space.
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Tunnel To Another World

ICDMT logo Sound art. 23'00" (invited exhibition, 2016, 2015; juried exhibition 2014)
A sound art narrative portraying a journey via tunnel to another, parallel world, and return. What might one hear? How might these sounds contribute to an overarching narrative? Life passages, changes, fears, release, imagination, and overlay of aural images are all possible alternative interpretations.
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We Can See Edith by Radio

Edith by Radio art Sound art. 3'00" (juried exhibition, 2016)
Responds to the question, "What is the audible form—the sound—of the intermediary, and what does this entity (person, myth, animal) herald?" The intermediary is radio, heralding hearing from and being heard by others in alternate realities or worlds. Sampling electronic voice phenomena and radio signals from space, this work provides one tuning.
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Water, Waves, Dreams

Framework Radio art. 55'00" (juried broadcast, 2016)
Explores sounds of water, waves, and dreams through soundscapes, field recordings, and phonography. The work utilizes student projects from my Internet Radio course, and my own recordings. These sounds represent not only recordings of specific sound environments, but interpretations as well. Listening is a specific, personal, interpretative event.
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Ambient Pulsations

Ambient Pulsations logo Sound art. 55'00" (invited exhibition, 2015; juried broadcast, 2013)
Explores a universe of pulsating sounds, all without apparent physical sources or material attributes. The inability to visualize sound sources promotes an acousmatic listening experience focused on the act of hearing. As a result, we take interest in sounds for their own merits, refining our listening, thus becoming more aware of our listening variations and subjectivity.
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The Stranger

The Stranger Sound art. 10'00" (invited exhibition, 2015, 2014; juried broadcast, 2014)
Imagines narratives in overheard conversations of nearby strangers. This overlay of multiple voices might seem absurd, but nearby strangers are rich in their own narrative worlds of thoughts and experiences, all unknown unless we listen to them speaking. Samples BBC radio interviews and Albert Camus reading from his novel L'etranger (The Stranger).
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Internet Soundscape

Move, Touch, Feel exhibition Sound art. 20'00" (invited exhibition, 2014; juried broadcast, 2013)
Imagines the ebb and flow of electronic communications facilitated by the Internet, a worldwide network of circuits and cables, routers and computers. The sounds I imagined are both historical and contemporary. Together, they provide a sound-based narrative about the process of sharing information globally.
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Between Sleep and Dreams

Framework Radio art. 55'00" (juried and invited broadcast, 2013)
Imagines an acousmatic sound collage, assimilated by one's (sub)conscious during liminal dreaming, rising and falling like waves on the surface of perception. Samples my liminal soundscape: traffic noise, my cats eating, my heartbeat, my snoring, and more. Additionally, I sampled work by students in my Internet Radio: Theory and Practice class, taught spring 2013.
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Paging Greg Lambert

Echoes logo Radio art. 20'00" (juried broadcast, 2013)
A sound narrative of an air traffic controller at a West Coast international airport. The narrative follows Lambert through waking, early morning travel via light rail to the airport, his trip through security, a sample of his work in the air traffic control tower, and his efforts to relax with mediation in the evening before sleep, and another day at work.
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Where's Waldo?::Where's the Text?

Electronic Literature Organization 2013 Radio art. 6'00" (juried presentation with sound, 2013)
Audio narrative created as part of my presentation, "Internet Radio and Electronic Literature: Locating the Text in the Act of Listening," at the Electronic Literature Organization Conference, Paris, France, September 2013. The audio narrative illustrated my presentation's theme: that text is not located (solely?) in the acts of reading and writing, but also in the act of listening.
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Framework Radio art. 55'00" (juried broadcast, 2013, 2012)
Imagines connection and communication with the spirit spectrum, parallel dimensions, or alien worlds beyond our own universe. Radio waves, with their ability to traverse atmosphere and space may be one medium that can make such connection. Using acousmatic compositions, field recordings, and sampling, Contact imagines such a radio broadcast and what might be heard.
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Framework Radio art. 55'00" (juried broadcast, 2012)
Explores multiple aural aspects of mediation. The sound sources are unseen, promoting an acousmatic experience focused on the act of listening. As a result, we take interest in sounds for their own merits, refining our listening, becoming more aware of our listening variations and subjectivity.
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Sounds of My Life: A Sixties Radio Narrative

ELO 2012 logo Sound art installation. 9'04" (juried exhibition, 2012, 2010; invited exhibition, 2012, 2011)
Samples radio and television broadcasts during the "The Sixties," a time of intense social, political, and cultural change, that, looking back, shaped my life. A narrative that remixes the medium of its original telling, empowering listeners to combine the sounds heard with their lived experience to create a meaningful, personal experience.
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Tell Me A Story about Meditation

Framework Radio art. 55'00" (juried broadcast, 2013)
Revisits two earlier works: Meditation and Tell Me A Story. Samples sound and/or environmental sound artifacts, field recordings, soundscapes, and acousmatic compositions to create a remixed narrative of the moment, especially as that moment might involve thoughtful (meditative?) listening.
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Sounds of My Life

RadiaLx 2010 Radio art. 28'00" (juried broadcast, 2010; invited broadcast, 2010)
Experimental radio art narrative that combines, layers, and remixes segments of oral history, audio narrative, soundscapes, found sounds, samples of radio drama, appropriation, cut ups, and sound effects to create a meaningful listening experience. These aural elements simulate the passage of years or changing radio stations / chapters in the overall narrative.
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