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Music Heard from Space while Admiring a View from a Hill is a sound landscape, created in response to an international call from Linear Obsessional Recording for an open access compilation to be released 24 December 2017. Each work had to be 2:00 in length.


Artist Statement
Object: Audio file
Format: mp3
Bit Rate: 356kbs
Duration: 2:00
Created: 2017
Creator: John F. Barber


Thanks so much for sending your piece on for the compilation. It's really atmospheric, and a great combination of field recording and other sounds.
—David Little

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A View From a Hill A View From a Hill
Music Heard from Space While Admiring a View from a Hill
(Limited edition CD, jury selected, 1 of 105 international artists selected)
Catalog #LOR101D Linear Obsessional Recordings
London, England
released 24 December 2017

Contributions were sought internationally through an open call. The overarching conceptual framework was to consider landscape under the title "A View from a Hill." What does it mean to you? How does landscape influence you? What kind of landscape, or place or view more generally is particularly important to you?

Submissions could be musical, spoken word, and/or field recordings, original, not released previously. The resulting compilation was released as a free download by Linear Obsessional Recording under creative commons license.

Produced by David Little for Linear Obsessional Recordings, a London-based label for experimental, improvised, and other music that falls through the cracks, run by Richard Sanderson. Each release contains a PDF booklet with notes, images, and other information. Most releases are available for download through Linear Obsessional Recordings and Internet Archive.

Artist Statement

From the hill, the view of the surrounding landscape is spectacular. Grass meadows rolling toward the tree line. Rock cliffs across the river. Snow covered mountains in the distance. But beyond the view, there is much to be heard. Wind in the grass, water in the river below, geese overhead, and an etherial sense of music swelling and receding through my range of hearing (electromagnetic radiation recorded by NASA Voyager spacecraft). Music from Space while Admiring a View from a Hill portrays that experience.