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Re-Imagined Radio experiments with radio drama as live public and performance art. Performances of classic and contemporary radio dramas feature community voice actors, sound artists, and sometimes the audience. Each performance is conceptualized as engaging, immersive use of the radio medium, technology, and ecology to provide shared community art and culture. The result: old medium, new opportunities as a form of multimodal storytelling for the 21st century. Radio art, transmission art, community art. Radio as never before seen, or heard.


Kiggins Theatre — Vancouver, Washington
Doors open at 6:00 PM; Performance starts at 7:00 PM
Wine, beer, and concessions available


$10.00 in advance (Kiggins website) or $12.00 at the door

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2020, Season 8

Sherlock Holmes

Season 8, Episode 02, April 2020
In April we plan to re-imagine an episode from the casebook of Sherlock Holmes, the most famous of all fictional detectives. Holmes uses his amazing powers of deduction to solve mysteries, murders, and other crimes. Dr. Watson chronicles Holmes exploits, and adds his own formidable intelligence to each case. Adapted from the original stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Re-Imagined Radio plans an appropriate tribute to the enduring legend of Sherlock Holmes, the detective's detective.


Season 8, Episode 03, September 2020
In September, our month for tales of horror and fright, we plan to revive Dracula from Bram Stoker's legendary novel, and its 1938 adaptation as a radio drama by The Mercury Theatre on the Air. The radio script has lain dormant more than eighty years . . . buried in a box of dirt. . . waiting. We revived the script through arcane galvanic sciences and careful administrations of elixers and tonics and present it with the intent of sending a skittering up your spine, a preview of Halloween!

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The War of the Worlds

Season 8, Episode 04, October 2020
In October, Re-Imagined Radio celebrates World Audio Drama Day with our adaptation of The War of the Worlds. Join us as we celebrate the eighty second anniversary of this most famous of all radio dramas ever broadcast.

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Local Legends

Season 8, Episode 05, November 2020
In November, Re-Imagined Radio turns its attention to local legends. D.B. Cooper, Sasquatch, Mount St. Helens, Ester Short. We have many interesting stories to tell.

A Christmas Carol

Season 8, Episode 06, December 2020
December brings the end-of-year holidays. Re-Imagined Radio offers its annual performance of this classic as a community tradition, the start of holiday festivities.

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The Maltese Falcon poster
The Maltese Falcon

Season 8, Episode 01, 22 January 2020
THE classic hardboiled private eye drama with just enough noir. Sam Spade, Brigid O'Shaughnessy, Joel Cairo, Casper Gutman. Dashiell Hammett brought them to life with his iconic storytelling. Re-Imagined Radio brings them to your ears and imagination.

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2019, Season 7

Re-Imagined Radio fall season poster
A Christmas Carol

Season 7, Episode 05, 18 December 2019
After seven years, our re-imagined telling of this tale of redemption with a message—humanity outweighs riches—is a community tradition.

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Re-Imagined Radio fall season poster
In Flight with D. B. Cooper

Season 7, Episode 04, 27 November 2019
What did local legend D.B. Cooper and flight attendant Tina Mucklow talk about before Cooper parachuted from the hijacked passenger jet over southwest Washington? We have some ideas.

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Re-Imagined Radio fall season poster
Halloween Fright Night

Season 7, Episode 03, 30 October 2019
A re-mix of episodes from the Lights Out, Quiet, Please!, and Suspense horror and fright radio series. The result? A delightful shiver of fear up your spine.

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SciFI, SciFacts
SciFi, SciFacts

Season 7, Episode 02, 17 April 2019
The Junkyard by Clifford D. Simak frames presentations by two Washington State University Vancouver scientists John Harkness and Marc Kramer.

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Affairs of the Heart (2019)
Affairs of the Heart featuring Lonesome Gal

Season 7, Episode 01, 14 February 2019
For Valentines Day, we offer five short romantic radio dramas as a multi-faceted look at love. Oh, the travails we endure. The stories we tell ourselves. The results we never expect.

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2018, Season 6

A Radio Christmas Carol
A Radio Christmas Carol

Season 6, Episode 05, 20 December 2018
We are firmly committed to offering this holiday classic to end our season of performances, and as a community storytelling tradition.

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D.B. Cooper Transmissions
Skyjacker '71: The D.B. Cooper Transmissions

Season 6, Episode 04, 21 November 2018
D.B. Cooper is legendary in Southwest Washington. We examine his exploit with research, creativity, and historical imagination.

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The War of the Worlds (2018)
The War of the Worlds

Season 6, Episode 03, 30 October 2018
SOLD OUT! We celebrate the 80th anniversary of the original broadcast of this classic radio drama as our contribution to World Audio Drama Day.

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Dracula (2018)

Season 6, Episode 02, 26 September 2018
A story about fear of the unnatural, and how abnormality infects society with discord, misfortunes, and evil. Oh! The blood!

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The Lone Ranger (2018)
The Lone Ranger

Season 6, Episode 01, 4 April 2018
We re-imagine The Lone Ranger origin story, and that of the powerful white stallion, Silver, and women empowerment on a wagon train bound for the Oregon Territory.

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2017, Season 5

A Radio Christmas Carol (2017)
A Radio Christmas Carol

Season 5, Episode 03, 20 December 2017
SOLD OUT! Our holiday tradition. This class radio drama always draws a crowd.

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Laugh Your Dial Off (2017)
Laugh Your Dial Off

Season 5, Episode 02, 27 September 2017
Skits from Old Time Radio comedians, Jack Benny, Fibber McGee and Molly, Abbot and Costello, Charlie McCarthy and Edgar Bergenand, and W.C. Fields.

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City of Weird (2016)
City of Weird

Season 5, Episode 01, 26 April 2017
Five short otherworldly dramas from the anthology City of Weird, published by Forest Avenue Press, Portland, OR, 2016.

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2016, Season 4

A Radio Christmas Carol (2016)
A Radio Christmas Carol

Season 4, Episode 04, 21 December 2016
Non-perishable items for The Clark County Food Bank were requested for admission. Donations of 763 pounds of food and $325.00 provided 2,228 meals for hungry families in Clark County.

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Dracula (2016)

Season 4, Episode 03, 27 October 2016
Just in time for Halloween! Dracula returns in our adaptation of the Bram Stoker novel about fear of abnormality in Victorian England.

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Gunsmoke-Shadow (2016)
Bloody Hands and The Silent Avenger

Season 4, Episode 02, 4 May 2016
Two episodes from two radio dramas dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) before it was named or understood.

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Sorry, Wrong Number and The Hitchhiker (2017)
Sorry, Wrong Number and The Hitchhiker

Season 4, Episode 01, 23 March 2016
Two radio dramas by Lucille Fletcher to celebrate her work in conjunction with National Women's History Month.

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2015, Season 3

A Radio Chrismas Carol (2015)
A Radio Christmas Carol

Season 3, Episode 04, 16 December 2015
Once again we offer this classic tale of Christmas. Free admission with donation of non-perishable food items to Clark County Foodbank.

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Fall of the City and R.U.R. (2015)
The Fall of the City and R.U.R.

Season 3, Episode 03, 7 October 2015
Two experimental radio dramas exploring human tensions with robot technology and our ambiguous relationship with freedom.

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Golden Age of Superman poster
The Golden Age of Superman

Season 3, Episode 02, 18 June 2015
Based on Superman of the 1930s-1940s, but with a satirical eye on contemporary issues facing Vancouver, Washington. Local civic leaders read parts.

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Case Files of Dr. Moreau (2015)
The Case Files of Dr. Moreau

Season 3, Episode 01, 22 April 2015
Live performance by the Willamette Radio Workshop at Kiggins Theatre in downtown Vancouver, Washington. Recording from the audio board.

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2014, Season 2

A Radio Chrismas Carol (2014)
A Radio Christmas Carol

Season 2, Episode 03, 18 December 2014
By popular demand, we reprise this holiday favorite.

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War of the Worlds (2014)
The War of the Worlds

Season 2, Episode 02, 30 October 2014
SOLD OUT! For a second time, the world was utterly destroyed before the ears of an overflow audience!

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Around the World in 80 Days (2014)
Around the World in Eighty Days

Season 2, Episode 01, 6 August 2014
Inspired by the 1873 novel by Jules Verne the 23 October 1938 radio adaptation by Orson Welles and the Mercury Theatre on the Air.

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2013, Season 1

A Radio Chrismas Carol (2013)
A Radio Christmas Carol

Season 1, Episode 02, 19 December 2013
Our first performance of this holiday classic. Free admission in exchange for non-perishable food donations to Clark County Food Bank.

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The War of the Worlds

Season 1, Episode 01, 30 October 2013
SOLD OUT! We re-imagine the most famous radio broadcast of all time on the occasion of its 75th anniversary.

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