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"Intermittence", a poem for four simultaneous voices and conductor, was anthologized in Scores: An Anthology of New Music (Roger Johnson, ed. Shirmer Books, 1981).

Pheasant Glides Upon Landing

Pieces for Simultaneous Voices

Pieces for Simultaneous Voices

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Pieces for Simultaneous Voices (1972-1974) by Jim Rosenberg is a work of non-linear electronic poetry comprised of overlapping voice recordings.


I began a life-long concern with non-linear poetic forms in 1966, with a series of polylinear poems called Word Nets. By 1968 this concern had evolved to an ongoing series of Diagram Poems, which continues to the present. [Diagrams Series 3 and Diagrams Series 4] The diagrams began as an effort to support word clusters, by analogy to the musical concept of tone clusters; because the juxtaposition of words in a cluster disrupted syntax, an alternate channel was necessary for syntax. The diagram concept has provided a rich ground for experimentation with structural concepts not present in ordinary syntax, including null relationships, feedback loops, and interior links. . . . Diagrams Series 4 was available on-line electronically without manufacture through The ArtCom Electronic Network on The WELL, Sausalito, CA, prior to the advent of the World Wide Web.

Since 1988, Rosenberg has concentrated on interactive poems with word clusters overlaid in the same logical and physical space. A computer mouse is used to render legible individual phrases.

Artist Statement

In his artist statement for these works, archived at The Electronic Poetry Center at University of Buffalo, Rosenberg notes:

By these overlays at times no words whatever can be made out. What is left may be described as 100% prosody. While I very much love the sounds that result from these overlays as sounds, my main interest lies in the area of using the occurrence of words whose meaning has been "nullified" to reflect on the language process in the full range of its contexts, including semantics. That is, by hearing speech elements where the words cannot be made out, the ears are tuned differently than they normally would be for hearing words where the meaning can be made out.


  • Word Space Multiplicities, Openings, Andings: Collected Essays and Papers in Digital Poetics, Hypertext, and New Media, edited by Sandy Baldwin, published by Computing Literature, and distributed by West Virginia University Press, collects Rosenberg's prose from 1991. The book is in two parts: Part I is essays and interviews, and Part II is formal papers.
  • The Inframergence, a large poem written from 2007-2013, pieces of which were presented as works in progress at various conferences (E-poetry and ELO), is complete and available for download at the link above.
  • Three titles, Intergrams, Diffractions through: Thirst weep ransack (frailty) veer tide elegy, and The Barrier Frames: Finality Crystal Shunt Curl Chant Quickening Giveaway Stare, from 1988-1996, originally developed in Hypercard on Macintosh and ported to Windows; originally published by Eastgate Systems. All three are now reissued in multi-platform versions for Linux, Macintosh, Windows, and other operating systems and are available for download here.