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Internet Soundscape

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Internet Soundscape is a 20'00" radio art narrative imagining the ebb and flow of electronic communications facilitated by the Internet, a worldwide network of networked computers. Listen to Internet Soundscape.

Exhibitions / Publications / Broadcasts

  • Move Touch Feel logo Move, Touch, Feel.
    (invited exhibition)
    Nouspace Gallery & Media Lounge
    Vancouver, Washington
    5-26 December 2014
  • Echoes #3: What does the Internet sound like?
    (juried broadcast)
    Lisbon, Portugal
    30 November - 1 December 2013

    Curated by Nuno Torres in collaboration with Echoes and Stress.FM. Submissions were encouraged to explore the sound(s) of electronic life, daily experiences of/with/in the worldwide networked digital communications system.

    Echoes Echoes was a transdisciplinary art project in Lisbon, Portugal, July 2013-March 2014. Coordinated by the art collective Osso for the city of Lisbon, with a focus on thoughts, experiences, and interventions regarding listening and place, Echoes aimed "to put together thoughts, experiences and interventions on the relationship between LISTENING and PLACE." Echoes was presented over four weekends every two months July 2013-March 2014 and featured debates, concerts, workshops, soundwalks, film screenings, and radio broadcasts via Stress.FM. The common theme was how soundscape and aurality contribute to a sense of place. Four of my works of radio art were jury selected for Echoes broadcasts. Echoes #4: The Stranger That Is Next To Me. Echoes #3: Internet Soundscape. Echoes #2: Paging Greg Lambert. Echoes #1: Ambient Pulsations, Between Sleep and Dreams, and Contact.

Artist Statement

What would the Internet sound like, if we could hear the constant ebb and flow of information traveling through its circuits and cables, routers and computers? The sounds I imagined are both historical and contemporary. Together, they provide a sound-based narrative about the process of sharing information globally.