John F. Barber, PhD

The Creative Media & Digital Culture Program
Washington State University Vancouver
Vancouver, Washington, USA

John F. Barber, Ph.D. currently teaches in The Creative Media & Digital Culture program at Washington State University Vancouver. His scholarship, teaching, and creative endeavors focus on digital archiving / curation and sound+radio art.

Computers and Writing
Barber began his academic career exploring the use of computer technology to facilitate the teaching and learning of writing. New Worlds, New Words: Exploring Pathways for Writing about and in Electronic Environments (Barber, Dene Grigar, eds. Hampton Press, 2001), focuses on the future of writing following its move into electronic spaces. Barber has contributed chapters focusing on the use of mediated, electronic environments as sites for meaningful human interaction to Texts and Technology, The Online Writing Classroom, Electronic Networks, High Wired, and Studies in Technical Communication. Barber's essays have been published in peer reviewed print journals like Readerly Writerly Text, Works and Days, Pre/Text, Leonardo Digital Reviews, Fine Art Forum, and Kairos.

Barber's interest in the temporality of writing led him to develop and continue to curate Brautigan Bibliography and Archive (, an online, interactive information structure known as the preeminent resource on the life and writings of American author Richard Brautigan. Richard Brautigan: An Annotated Bibliography (McFarland, 1990) and Richard Brautigan: Essays on the Writings and Life (McFarland, 2007), both by Barber, are offshoots of this work. Barber has contributed essays regarding Brautigan to The Honest Ulsterman, Postwar Literature 1945-1970: Research Guide to American Literature, Encyclopedia of Beat Literature, and international literary journals. Learn more.

Temporality, combined with a long-standing interest in sound as the basis for narrative, led Barber to develop and maintain Radio Nouspace (, a repository and a laboratory, to support his research, scholarship, teaching, and creative practices regarding radio, sound, and listening as closely connected with communication, creative endeavor, literacy, and social justice. As a repository, Radio Nouspace collects and organizes information and resources. As a laboratory, Radio Nouspace provides a space to undertake practice-based research and creative making of radio and sound art. Barber's radio+sound art work has been broadcast internationally, and featured in juried exhibitions in America, Canada, Germany, Macedonia, Northern Ireland, and Portugal. Learn more.

On a personal note, Barber is dynamically involved in the process of becoming. He manages life efficiently, pays his bills on time, and is acclaimed for his ability to prepare extraordinary four-course meals using only yogurt and granola. He has navigated the Mississippi River, walked the Great Wall of China, and spoken with Captain America. Learn more.

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