John F. Barber, PhD

Condensing substance from pixels of nuance

John Barber

A scholar-teacher-artist, John F. Barber produces media art and digital works as scholarship, for teaching, and as creative practice. This website provides information about and access to his efforts. Feel free to browse.


I work in Digital Humanities, literary media art, and radio and sound art. LEARN more.


Action research+creative practice reveals tacit knowledge that theoretical studies alone cannot. LEARN more.


Traditional and new media scholarly, research, and other endeavors. International and national. Peer reviewed / juried / curator selected. LEARN more


International radio art broadcasts, sound art installations, performances, and more. Peer reviewed / juried / curator selected. LEARN more

Research Projects

Richard Brautigan Bibliography and Archive

American Dust

Bibliographic archive. Ongoing.
GIHUGANTIC information resource for Richard Brautigan's life and writings. LEARN more.

The Brautigan Library

The Brautigan Library

Curated manuscripts. Ongoing.
Lyrical, haunted. 300+ manuscripts ignored by commercial publishing. LEARN more.

Radio Nouspace

Radio Nouspace

Virtual listening gallery. Ongoing.
Curated radio programs, radio and sound art, and sound-based narratives. LEARN more.

Re-Imagined Radio

Re-Imagined Radio

Radio art.

Exploring radio drama past, present, and future. LEARN more.

Recent Creative Works

Lights Out Listening Group

Lights Out Listening

Radio art. 2020.
Several submissions for streamed, bi-monthly listening sessions. LEARN more.

COVID Dreamscapes

COVID Dreamscapes

Radio art. 2020.
Sonic interpretations of the artist's COVID dreams. LEARN more.

Say Their Names

Say Their Names

Sound art. 2020
Response to international protests to the murder of George Floyd, 25 May. LEARN more

Recent Scholarship

Electronic Literature Organization

Presentation at ELO 2019

Presentation. Peer reviewed. 2019.
"eLit User Experience: Audience+Purpose=Design" presented at Electronic Literature Organization 2019 conference. LEARN more.

The Interstate Bridge

Presentation at SpokenWeb

Presentation. Peer reviewed. 2019.
"A Mighty Span," an imagined radio broadcast of historical events, presented at SpokenWeb, Vancouver, Canada. LEARN more.

Leonardo Electronic Almanac logo

Essay Published in LEA

Publication. Peer reviewed. 2019.
"Martians, Moustaches, and Radio Drama" was published in Leonardo Electronic Almanac. Print publication to follow. LEARN more.