Recent Creative Works

Interstate Bridge Project

Interstate Bridge Sound Installation

Sound art. 15:00. Invited. (2017)
100th Anniversary of Interstate Bridge across the Columbia River. Jantzen Beach, Oregon, 11 February 2017. Learn more.

Art In Dream

Dream Cycle Selected for Art In Dream Project

Sound art. 5:00, Juried. (2017)
Sound In Art Project. Siauliai, Lithuania, 1 January 2017-Present. Learn more

remembering the dead screenshot

Remembering the Dead Exhibited in Hyperrhiz

Online exhibition. Juried. (2016)
Hyperrhiz15 Fall-Winter 2016. Featured in online gallery. Learn more

Recent News

INKE 2017

Presentation at INKE 2017

Presentation. Peer reviewed. 2017
"The Brautigan Library: Open Networked Social Scholarship?" presented at INKE 2017, Victoria, Canada. Learn more.

Remembering the Dead

Remembering the Dead in The Columbian

Press coverage. 8 January 2017
Remembering the Dead, a memorial to victims of gun violence, was featured in The Columbian. Learn more.

bleuOrange 09

Remembering the Dead in bleuOrange

Publication. Peer reviewed. 2016
Remembering the Dead featured in bleuOrange, a French language international journal of hypermedia literature. Learn more.