Recent Creative Works

View from a Hill

Music from Space . . . View from Hill

Sound art. Jury selected. 2017
Included in View from a Hill compilation released by Linear Obsessional Recordings, London, England. Learn more.

In Progress

In Progress Broadcast on Framework Radio

Radio art. Jury selected. 2017
Broadcast by Framework Radio, an international radio art project for field recording, soundscapes, and phonography. Learn more.

Soundmaps for Dreamers II

Internet Galaxy at Sonoscape Exhibition

Sound art. Jury selected. 2017
Included in international online exhibition Sound Maps for Dreamers II, London, England. Learn more.

Recent Scholarship

INKE 2018

Presentation at INKE 2018

Peer reviewed. 2018
INKE (Implementing New Knowledge Environments 2018 international conference, Victoria, Canada, 10 January 2018. Learn more.

Scholarly Communications Institute 2017

Invited Fellowship at SCI 2017

5-9 November 2017
Invited with five other scholar-teachers to consider "Digital Storytelling and the Future(s) of Multimedia Scholarship." Learn more.

Digital Studies

Publication in Digital Studies

Peer reviewed. 2017
"Radio Nouspace: Sound, Radio, Digital Humanities" was published in Digital Studies/Le champ numérique, October 2017. Learn more.


I convene with the The Creative Media & Digital Culture Program at Washington State University Vancouver. I work in Digital Humanities, digital media, and media art (sound). Learn more.


My scholarship, pedagogy, and creative practices focus on: 1). Archiving and curating in digital contexts, 2). Investigating sound as the basis for narrative and storytelling, and 3). Creating radio & sound media art and digital works.


My scholarship and pedagogy are inspired by action research (Stefano M. Vannotti 2008) and transformative pedagogy (belle hooks 2014). I encourage creative research-practice as it can reveal tacit knowledge that theoretical studies alone cannot.


A goodly number of traditional and new media scholarly, research, and other endeavors. International and national. All peer reviewed / jury / curator selected. Learn more


Spring 2018 DTC Courses
Language, Text, Technology
Usability and Interface Design

DHSI Courses
Digital Humanities Summer Institute, University of Victoria, Canada. Two courses annually as service for DH faculty and graduate students. Learn more.


International radio art broadcasts, sound art installations, performances, and more. All peer reviewed / jury / curator selected. Learn more