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Structure of the Interview Materials
Readers viewing the video clips and reading the accompanying written text will notice that I have edited the latter slightly. This action was taken in order to translate the oral portion of the video into a form better suited for the print component of this web page
a strategy that, I hope, provides a smooth reading experience. Additionally, because the video serves as the structure for the interview, the email dialogue that took place between us is linked hypertextually where appropriate. I have also contextualized some of the elements of the interview in hyperlinks. For example, I provide an overview of both The Glide Project and The Maze Game so that readers unfamiliar with Slattery's work can engage more fully in the conversation we had about them. It is easy to differentiate this information from Slattery's comments because the former appears in red text while the latter, in green.

Presentation of the Video Clips
The video clips are a product of heavy editing. Over two hours of video have been whittled into thirteen clips amounting to less than eighteen minutes. None of these clips are longer than two minutes so that viewers can easily download them. I have opted to include them with the written record because one gets a better sense of Slattery's energy and spirit in a way that any print description I produce cannot. Readers can access these videos from the link located beneath her photograph. The length of each video is provided in order to provide an idea of the download times. The time, of course, will vary depending on the type of connection readers have.