View of Switzerland's Jungfrau Region, from the Jungfraujoch (11,393').   Photograph by Dene Grigar



The Jungfrau Tapes
A Conversation with Diana Slattery about The Glide Project
by Dene Grigar

I interviewed Diana Slattery, the author of The Glide Project and The Maze Game, during April 2003 in Switzerland. We had just completed our session in Zurich with CAiiA-STAR, the interactive arts program directed by Roy Ascott with which she is pursuing a PhD and I was doing a year of postdoctoral study. To wind down after a very intense ten days of work, we had arranged to travel around the country together for a week. After visiting Bern, we headed to Grindelwald, a mountain hamlet located in the Jungfrau. Our interview began on the trip to the tourist mecca located atop the mountain range, and it continued through the train ride to Lucerne on Easter Sunday. Once back in the U.S., we extended the conversation via email. Readers will come to realize, as I have, that Slattery possesses a fascinating and highly innovative mind and that her work is a reflection of that.

Enter the interview, below.

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