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Described by the Electronic Literature Organization as "long fiction in English" using "audio, animated text, hypertext, other interaction and extensive graphics" ("ELO Directory"), Glide: An Interactive Exploration of Visual Language is actually a far-reaching project consisting of a print novel, an interactive game, an interpreter to the visual language (called "Glide") used in the novel, and an editor for creating compositions of the Glide glyphs.

The novel, though not included with the other components found at the site, can be purchased through regular bookstore channels. However, available for free from the site is its first chapter. The game manifests as the reader's navigation through the various components of the site and in the game the "death dancers" play in the novel. The interpreter exists as an interactive "Oracle" that interprets the Glide language glyphs found in the novel and at the site and acts as an "interactive extension of the fictional world of The Maze Game." Finally, the Glide glyph editor called the "Collabyrinth" helps the reader communicat[e] with and about Glide signs" with other readers in real-time at the site (Glide).