Link from "Natural Language"
Email Dated May 6, 2003 from Diana Slattery:


"Natural language, human language, based on causality, subject does something to object.
Subject transforms other subject (who to self is self) into object. Subject subjugates.
Who is "at cause point" rules, dominates, survives. Instrumental reason.

Glide [is] not based on causal, time-based connections. Glide is entanglement
(just as you mentioned today, at fundamental level). Intertwinglement. Ted
Nelson--"Everything is deeply intertwingled." Already connected,
interacting as a fabric, a whole, a resonating network. Every meaning,
every meaning-maker, intertwingled, interdependent. Identity of individual
(glyph) concurrent with connections to other identities. And not fixed, can
transform, always in flux. Can connect (link seeking behavior); can
disconnect (detachment, not possession)."