Link from "Consciousness"
Email Dated May 6, 2003 from Diana Slattery:


"Only connect." (Howard's End)

"Connection, love; detachment, love (not ownership or control). How many
patterns? No one knows all the faces of love. The link--how many links?
Nesting--how deeply? Meanings nested in meanings; hidden meanings.
What does it mean to move through a maze of language? What does it
mean to play a deadly game on the language of love? To learn.
Over and over and over. The new language, the new awareness and c
onsciousness slowly learned--on the killing fields. Where we are. Parallel to
early salvation story--Christian story--baby born on the killing fields. The
slaughter of the innocents--the attempt by Herod to kill all the children.
Essential part of the story--usually ignored, too harsh. Sacrifice of so many
innocents (the Death Dancers) (mortal human lives) (the game we are in right
now in all our lives--trying to love, longing to love, and making war,
hurting each other, all games win-lose. The killing fields. What does it
mean to move through a Glide maze? To transform consciousness. To
transcend the killing fields. To clear the board for a new game."