Dene Grigar: Words, design, images, sound, HTML and Java coding

John F. Barber: HTML and Java coding
Simon Mills: Flash coding
Stephen Coronado: Flash coding
Eilene Powell: Spanish language translator

Minimum Access Requirements
Web Version: Web Browser, such as Internet Explorer; Flash 5.0 Reader, Quicktime 5.0
Stand-Alone Version: CD drive for either Mac or PC

Production Information
All work was made on a Mac. The images were created in Photoshop 7.0, the HTML and JAVA coding in BB Edit, interactive element in Flash, and sounds remixed in Amadeus.

I would like to thank my husband John Barber who never complains about money spent on software, computers, workshops, research trips, internet access nor minds the time spent on my work or time he has spent helping me with some aspect of the code. I could not have a better partner than this man who shares himself and family resources so much with me.

Katherine Hayles gave me the confidence to pursue my theory and the language with which to articulate it.

CAiiA-STAR administrators Roy Ascott and Michael Punt, as well as the participants of the program, who have given me the moral support and the challenges I needed to find my way. I thank them dearly for their prodding.

Sue Thomas, Helen Whitehead, Tim Wright, Mary Cavill, Catherine Gillam, Simon Mills, Simon Widdowson, and Mark Amerika from trAce Online Writing Centre's "Writers for the Future" workshop, entitled "TextLab," provided me with so much physical support that it is difficult to know how to list it all. Access to the sound recording studio and technician Rob Squirrell from the School of Art and Design at Nottingham Trent University meant so much to this work. Feedback and guidance in the use of some of the software and design issues saved me precious time. In this regard, I owe a debt to Simon Mills, who fixed several Flash problems I was having and ended up doing the final action scripting for the sounds. Lastly, the opportunities trAce provided me for collaboration enriched my work. For this reason, it would be an vast oversight not to mention my colleauges at the workshop who gave me much feedback, particularly during the final presentation of this piece. Such kindness can never be repayed.

Texas Woman's University awarded me a sabbatical during 2002-3 to accomplish many things, this art among them. The week absent in November 2003 to attend trAce's TextLab workshop was another gift I truly appreciate. I hope my colleagues see all of these moments as time well spent.

The graduate students in my summer 2003 Electronic Literature course kept me honest about my views about elit; they may not yet realize how important that contribution is.

Chris Sterling, who while working at, kept me online through Texas tornados and provider sellouts. I thank and miss him.