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MOVE Lab in the News

“Virtual Haunting:  WSUV Research Takes Video Gaming to the Next Level.” The Columbian Newspaper.

“The MOVE Lab.” The Columbian Newspaper, April 16, 2007


The video, above, generates from research, led by Dr. Steve Gibson, into high speed internet for the delivery of multimedia content, funded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation grant.


Directed by Dene Grigar, PhD; Director & Associate Professor, The Creative Media & Digital Culture Program

Washington State University Vancouver

The MOVE Lab is used for the production of sensor-based, multimedia experiences including performances, digital storytelling, exhibits, and physical games.  It consists of a GAMS (system), three Mac Entour 250 robotic lights, HD projection system, sound system, several multimedia Macs and a PC.  Software includes the Flashtrack software system for the GAMs, as well as Module 8, Resolume, and Ableton Live for live performances.

Since Fall 2010 Advanced undergraduates have been invited to become MOVE Lab Fellows, which allows them access to the MOVE Lab to develop their own research into games and virtual environments.  Their work has resulted in numerous awards and honors, including a Honorable Mention at the 2010 International Digital Media & Arts Association Student Showcase and invitations to exhibit at the 2010 & 2011 Research Showcase events at WSU and WSUV.  Students are funded for travel to these events and receive special training not associated with their regular classes.


The video, above, features the four MOVE Lab Fellows demoing their award-winning research project, “Media Scare. “