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Dene Grigar
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My interest in digital humanities, media art, and media studies has led me to develop an expertise in curation, particularly works of electronic literature.  I co-direct, with my partner Dr. John Barber, Nouspace Gallery & Media Lounge in Vancouver, WA, which provides a public space to experiment with curating, exhibit works, and provide students with opportunities for extending their learning outside of the classroom.

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I direct two labs at WSUV that I use for research and teaching.  “The Electronic Literature Lab (ELL),” with its 28 vintage Macintoshes dating back to 1983, is used for advanced inquiry into born digital literature. “The MOVE Lab,” with its motion-tracking technology and robust multimedia capabilities, is used for creating interactive installations and performances.

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I have spent the last eight years building The Creative Media & Digital Culture Program at Washington State University Vancouver, from 44 students in 2006 to its current size of 225, and have given it its current research foci:  web and mobile development, 2 & 3D animation, sensor-based virtual environments, social media policy and platforms, and digital publishing.

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My research interests include electronic literature, ephemera, and emergent technologies & cognition...      See More...

News Update:  I was awarded the 2013-2014 Student’s Award for Teaching Excellence. This award is presented every year to one faculty member who has “inspired students, exceeded expectations and brought prestige to WSU Vancouver.” 

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