Welcome to DTC 354 Digital Storytelling, the study of "[n]onlinear, multi-linear, and interactive narrative using elements of creative writing such as character, dialog, setting, plot and image."

You will learn about types of born-digital narratives.

a mapping of various literary genres

We will focus on both theory and practice and, so, besides reading about concepts underlying digital storytelling, we will also spend some time learning the technologies needed for each area, such as Flash, Garage Band, Audacity, and Final Cut, and preparing for the projects associated with each.

There are three projects developed for this course: 1) Written critique of a digital narrative, 2) Production of a digital narrative work, 3) Development of the electronic literature exhibit in Seattle, WA. Planned are several workshops where you will gain background in digital media tools, a field trip to visit a gallery, and guest speakers. More


Digital storytelling is a form of electronic literature and, in the U.S., is generally believed to have begun with Michael Joyce's "afternoon: a story." More

We are focusing on digital narratives referred to commonly as "elit," an emergent art form whose works cannot be experienced in any meaningful way without the mediation of an electronic device & which possess qualities that are sometimes associated with literary works (i.e. character, theme, setting, allusion, metaphor, onamotapeia); literary-oriented works that exist off the printed page & make use of qualities specific to the electronic medium, such as sound, visual elements, movement, real-time delivery, and the like." --Dene Grigar

A screenshot from Leishman's "RedRidingHood."


Electronic Literature Exhibit

You have the opportunity to work with curators of the upcoming "Electronic Literature" show taking place in Seattle, WA from January 5-8, 2012 at the Modern Language Association 2012 Conference. One of the projects created for this course is preparing digital stories for this exhibit.

Electronic Lit Lab

We will also be working in the Electronic Lit Lab, located in VCLS 210. This lab is equipped with 16 vintage Mac computers that contain examples of digital stories dating back to the early 1990s.